SSLSC - Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People

The following commitment was endorsed by the SSLSC committee on the ……..

Seaspray surf life saving club is committed to:

The safety and wellbeing of every child and young person who takes part in our activities, programs, events or services.

Ensuring that child safety is embedded in our club's culture, reflected in our policies and procedures, and understood and practiced at all levels from club administrators, volunteers, parents and participants, to ensure everyone understands the important responsibilities they have in relation to child safety.

Providing an environment in which children feel respected, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

SSLSC will achieve this by:
  • Providing children and young people with a positive and nurturing experience
  • Support families and the community to promote the healthy development and welling being of all children
  • Ensure that children and young people are protected from abuse and harm
  • Challenging inappropriate behaviours of any of its members or members of the community

Seaspray surf life saving comply with the guidance provided by LSV on safe guarding children and young people in reporting child abuse 


General Code of Conduct

The Codes should be followed at all times and by all Members and all people involved in any way with  Seaspray SLS.

Complaints are handled under the LSV policy and complaints process.

 Members and all people involved in any way with Seaspray SLS will:

a) respect the rights, dignity and worth of others—treat others as you would like to be treated yourself
b) be ethical, considerate, fair, courteous and honest in all dealings with other people and organisations
c) be professional in, and accept responsibility for your actions
d) be aware of and follow—at all times—SLS’ standards, rules, policies and procedures and promote those standards, rules, policies and procedures to others
e) operate within the rules and spirit of the sport, including the national and international guidelines that govern SSLSC
f) understand the possible consequences of breaching the Codes and/or this Policy
g) report any breaches of the Codes or this Policy to the appropriate PPA
h) refrain from any form of Abuse, Harassment, Discrimination and Victimisation towards others
i) raise concerns regarding decisions of PPA through the appropriate channels and in a timely manner
j) provide a safe environment for the conduct of activities in accordance with any relevant SLSA policy
k) show concern, empathy and caution towards others that may be sick or injured
l) be a positive role model to all
m) respect and protect confidential information obtained through SLS activities or services; whether individuals and/or organisational information
n) maintain the required standard of accreditation and/or licensing of professional competencies, as applicable to the role(s)
o) ensure that any physical contact with others is appropriate to the situation and necessary for the person’s skill development
p) refrain from intimate relations with persons over whom you have a position of authority
q) agree to abide by the Codes
r) maintain a duty of care towards others
s) be impartial and accept the responsibility for all actions taken

Full Code of Conduct: SLSA Member Protection Policy 6.05 Appendices