Register today and become a member of the Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club!

The membership season is from 1st October to 30th September

Not sure what membership type you need? Everything you need to know is here:

  • Community (Social) Member $25pa - Support your local club and become a Community member. Community members are non voting members who can not hold office.
  • Associated Member $50pa - Non Active - Non patrolling members. Parents of Youth members require a Working with Children Check. Associate members, including 2000 club members have voting rights and can hold office.
  • Associated 2000 Club Member No renewal cost, but is required to register each year, either via membership link or paper copy.
  • Junior Member $75pa - A junior member (5 to 14 years old inclusive as of 1st October). Participants of Nipper program or Surf Rescue Certificate cadets.  No voting rights.
  • Junior and Associate Member $125pa.  A combined membershp for an associate member and a junior member.
  • Active Member $85pa - A member (15yrs+ at 1st October) who is active in life saving operations. This includes members with a current bronze medallion wanting to compete.  This membership also includes members wanting to partake in formal qualifications and other training. (NB. If 18yrs+ member MUST have a valid volunteer Working with Children Check.)
  • Honorary Life Member (By application only) - A member who is active/non-active and recognised by the club as life members.
  • Upgrade to active/competitor $35pa - Associated or 2000 club members who wish to become active in life saving operations.  If 18yrs+ member MUST have a valid volunteer Working with Children Check.
  • Family $200pa - One parent must become at least an Associated member.  Family membership is for two adults and children (<19yrs).  If 18yrs+ member MUST have a valid volunteer Working with Children Check.  Children to be less than 18yrs as of 1st October.

Note. All memberships are from 1st October to 30th September and must be renewed annually (2000 Club and life members are required to reaffirm their details - no fees payable).  Membership prices subject to change without notice.

IMPORTANT! Working With Children Checks

  • ALL members who are aged 18+ and work with persons under 18 years of age in Any capacity MUST have a Working with Children Check (WWC) that is valid.
  • Community (Social Members), Associate and Life members do not required WWCC unless they are working with persons under 18 years of age in any capacity within the club.
  • Members can apply for WWC Check at
  • You will be requested to confirm your WWC number and expiry upon registration or re-registration, you can do this by emailing with your
    • WWC number, and
    • WWC expiry date

This information will be confirmed on the Working With Children website and recorded on your member profile.

  • This is a legal requirement for the organisation.  For more information, please head to the website or read the general information here.

Existing members: To renew your members go to SLSA members area.  Please click the Renew button below and follow the links to login in to your account or create an account to access your membership profile.

Some notes for new members:

  • This is the national database for all Surf Club members around the country. So, if you haven't used SLSA Members area before then create your new account & click the "New Membership" button.
  • Please ensure you click the current season ie. 2022/2023 which goes from October 1st until September 30th.
  • Community Memberships are the old "social memberships" - please make sure you select this option when you sign up.
  • If you wish to participate in training offered by the Seaspray Surf Club this season then please sign up as an "Active member" (we will be holding Advanced Resuscitation Techniques workshops which include but is not limited to CPR, Defib & First Aid qualifications TBA & possibly some other training workshops during the season. We will keep you updated). Associate & Community Members will not be adequate levels of membership to participate. Upgrades will be welcome.
  • 2000 Club Associate & Life Members - although you are not required to make any payments ($00.00), please follow the prompts to create & maintain your account.
  • Multiple members of one family:
    • If you are going to sign up more than one member, please create one membership then use the "add family member" function to add the other users to your account for easier management. Payment will still require you to select which type of membership you are selecting as the "add family member" is a function; not necessarily a payment type in this area.
  •  If you have any issues then please click on the "User Guide" as offered by SLSA when you get to the sign up link.

If you have any questions, concerns or just need a little extra help then please get in touch with us! Charmaine Wilson on 0438 444 173 or Amanda Castle 0438 441 785 or

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